8 Sept ’16

Goblintooth, the WWI line which disappeared about 2004, is back.  MSD Games has picked up the line – planes, rules, stands – and is in stock.

We have a restock of GBR 7, GBR 10.

USA 121, F-14 Tomcat. $6. Restock on GER 24, Ta-154, $3

FR-103 – French flag decals

On the bench, in various stages of work up.

I-153, Pzl 11 and 24; A-6 Intruder; Mirage F-1, F-80 Shooting Star

FR-103 – French flag decals

From MSD…

B-1 Lancer  $25   B-2 Spirit  $25    Yak-9  $3  Chinese  J-10 & J-20. $6 each. Saab Viggen $6.  Russian (too late for WW2) Bi-1 rocket plane, $3. Caproni 314, $6. F-86D, $3.

3 planes for March.

USA 42, B-17G; CAN 101, CF-100; RUS 106, Su-17

New decals

BR-127 – British flags. Union Jack, St. George’s and St. Andrews crosses
GR-121 – German names, black, target is 15mm armor. Emphasis on historical names, famous leaders and Norse mythology. They should work well for 1/200-1/300 bomber / larger aircraft.
GR-122  -Same as GR-121 but in white.  GR-121 is shown in the description photo for clarity. White doesn’t scan well.

FR-103 – French flag decals

On the bench, in various stages of work up.

A nice slew of new products on hand.

IN-202 will be replacing IN-201. IN-202 are magnets, 3/16″ diameter x 1/16 ” thick (4.8 x 1.5mm), replacing the 3/16″ diameter x .8mm thick magnets. Packaging and price stay the same, 50 magnets for $10. Once IN-201 is out of stock, they won’t be restocked. For them moment, you can find them on sale on this site or in the surplus bin of our ‘shopping cart’, the ekm powercart site.

New – IN-203.  1/4″ dia (6.4mm) spherical magnet. Pricing will be 6 for $6.00. These have a number of uses and will mate up with flight stand and aircraft adaptors to permit the planes to show roll/pitch/yaw. Tested for 4+ years now – if you’ve seen one of the games we run at a convention, that’s it.

New- FS-5. A pack of 12 pcs of a stand adaptor meant to fit a 1/8″ (3.1mm) rod and seat a 1/4″(6/3mm) spherical magnet. Slips over rod for fast and secure mounting. Pricing is 12 pcs for $10.

FS-10.  A pack of 12 pcs of a miniature mounted adaptor. A steel product, this permits the aircraft miniature to show roll, pitch and yaw.  Glues into hole in bottom of miniature and is magnetically attached to stand. Pack of 12 is $10.

You’ll  need 1 pack for every 12 stands or every 12 planes. You will also need 1 pack of 6 pcs (IN-203) spherical magnets for every 6 stands.

For 24 stands, 4 packs IN-203, 2 packs FS-5 are needed. Then, for every 12 planes, 1 pack of FS-10.

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