Storage Boxes

These are our founding products, and after 20+ years, keep chugging right along. Thank you for your continued support and patronage, especially to a solid handful of customers who have 20+ years of business with us.

Foam insert colors are blue or grey, your choice. If no choice is stated, we’ll ship a 50/50 mix.

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
IN001Panzer -Keeper For the storage of microarmor. Holds up to 20 AFV's or 40 jeeps safely and securely without rattling or damage. Note - competitive boxes are 'Tank Traps' from Regal and 'Tank Transporters' from CinC. We have a better box for less money. Internal Box Size, inches 1/2x 4 x 63.29
IN003AMothball 'A'(non Perforated Foam) For the storage of 1/2400 Naval(DD, CL, SS and other small units) and 1/285 aircraft without propellors Internal Box Size, inches, 1-1/4 x 4 x63.59
IN003BMothball 'B' (Perforated Foam) For the storage of 1/285 aircraft, helos and mounted artillery; good for 15mm infantry and cavalry as well as some 25mm figures. Very good box for 1/2400 naval, CA, BB, CV. Note - competitive box is the 'Bunker Box' from GHQ. We have a better box for less money. Internal Box Size, inches, 1-1/4 x 4 x63.99
IN004AFootlocker 'A'(non Perforated Foam) For the storage of 1/1200 and 1/2400 naval (DD,CL,SS, other small units; for 1/285 aircraft and general purpose storage up to 54mm infantry. The foam in this box is sheets of foam and must be cut out to fit the specific miniatures. Internal Box Size, inches, 2 x 4 x64.29
IN004BFootlocker 'B'(Perforated Foam)
For the storage of 15 and 25mm infantry and cavalry ; unmounted 25mm, Battletech figures, 1/600 ACW / Napoleonic naval and 1/1200 naval and some 54mm figures.
Very good general purpose storage box. Internal Box Size, inches, 2 x 4 x6
IN004CFootlocker 'C' . Specifically for storage of 1/285 armor, infantry or artillery. Capacity is double that of the 'Panzer - Keeper'. Internal Box Size, inches, 2 x 4 x6. To our knowledge, there is no directly competing box with the 'Footlocker'.4.59

The above boxes are available with either blue or grey foam. Internal box sizes: IN001 & IN002 – 1/2x4x6; IN003 – 1-1/4x4x6; IN004 – 2x4x6

Box Prices 1-5  6-10  11-20  21-30  31-49  50+ 
Mothball  'A'3.593.403.303.203.103.00
Mothball 'B'3.993.803.703.603.503.40
Footlocker 'A'
Footlocker 'B'4.794.604.404.304.204.10
Footlocker 'C'4.594.404.

Box Postage

In the US, please use the following costs.

  • 1st box $4.
  • Each IN-001 thereafter, .$.40
  • Each IN-003 thereafter, $.50
  • Each IN-004 thereafter, $.65

These are good approximations which are reasonably accurate to 30 or so boxes. For larger quantities, I’ll provide options you can choose from.

For Canadian orders, US rates are close and provide a working number.

Outside the US/ Canada, please inquire as to actual packaged weight and costs.