Raiden 1/285

This page is a listing of Raiden’s 1/285 aircraft line. We’re the manufacturers of this expanding and well received line of aircraft miniatures.

Raiden 1/285 aircraft

As of 1 Sept 2012, the Raiden line of 1/285 aircraft models has been purchased by I-94 Enterprises.

Raiden is a fairly new line of 1/285 aircraft minis, introduced in April 2007. With over 100 items in the range, these well received aircraft minis are cleanly cast. The He 51 is a gem. The P-51’s are very good models and a nice variety as well. Same for the P-40’s. Ju-87 is a single pc model. The new Spitfires are gorgeous, and the MS 406, MB-152 and De-520 are the best available. The newest models – P-36, De-520, MB-152 – can stand alongside anyone else’s model. The P-26 and the Stukas are single piece castings, no landing gear to fiddle with.

Inventory note. Items in bold print are items we presently manufacture with good quantity for immediate shipment.


WWII British

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
GBR 001Hawker Tempest V3.00Manufactured
GBR 002Supermarine Spitfire Mk I3.00Manufactured
GBR 003Hawker Hurricane Mk I3.00Manufactured
GBR 004Gloster Meteor Mk III3.00Manufactured
GBR 005Martn-Baker MB 53.00Manufactured
GBR 006Hurricane I w/ desert filter3.00Manufactured
GBR 007Hurricane II w/ desert filter3.00Manufactured
GBR 008Supermarine Spitfire Mk V3.00Manufactured
GBR 009Supermarine Seafire III3.00Manufactured
GBR 010Mustang III (P51B w Malcolm Hood)3.00Manufactured
GBR 011Hawker Tempest II (Radial)3.00Manufactured
GBR 012Supermarine Spitfire Vb w/ Tropical Filter3.00Manufactured
GBR 013Gloster Gladiator - now available3.50Manufactured
GBR 016Vickers Wellesly5.00Manufactured
GBR 017Supermarine Spitfire XIV3.00Manufactured
GBR 018Westland Whirlwind3.00Manufactured
GBR 019Spitfire XII (clipped wing)3.00Manufactured
GBR 020Bristol Beaufort Mk I3.75Manufactured
GBR 021Gloster Reaper3.00Manufactured
GBR 022Hawker Hurricane - 2 seat trainer, USSR use 3.00Manufactured
GBR 023Bristol Blenheim IV5.00Manufactured
GBR 024Fairey Fulmar3.00Manufactured
GBR 025Fairey Battle3.00Manufactured
GBR 027Bristol Beaufighter5.00Manufactured
GBR 028deHavilland Mosquito. FB Mk VI5.00Manufactured
GBR 029Hawker Typhoon3.00Manufactured
GBR 030Boulton-Paul Defiant3.00Manufactured
GBR 032Blenheim IF5.00Manufactured. Released 13Oct19
GBR 033Bristol Blenheim IVF5.00Manufactured

WWII United States

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
USA 001Vought F4U-1 Corsair3.00Manufactured
USA 002N. American P-51D Mustang3.00Manufactured
USA 003Douglas SBD Dauntless3.00Manufactured
We plan to redo and upgrade this mini. Expect it to be less 'puffy'. Jan'24
USA 004Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat3.00Manufactured
USA 005Brewster F2A-3 Buffalo3.00Manufactured
USA 006Boeing B-29 Superfortress11.00Out of Production
USA 007Douglas C-477.00Manufactured
USA 008P-51D Mustang w/ dorsal fin3.00Manufactured
USA 009P-61A Black Widow (no turret)3.50Manufactured
USA 010P-61B Black Widow w/ turret4.50Manufactured
USA 011Grumman F6F Hellcat3.00Manufactured
USA 012P-40E Kittyhawk3.00Manufactured
USA 013P-51B/C Mustang3.00Manufactured
USA 014P-47D Thunderbolt (bubble)3.00Manufactured
USA 015P-40F (Merlin Engine)3.00Manufactured
USA 016P-47D Razorback3.00Manufactured
USA 017P-51A Mustang3.00Manufactured
GBR 010P-51B/C w/ Malcom Hood3.00Manufactured
USA 018P-40B/C Tomahawk3.00Manufactured
USA 019FM-2 Wildcat3.00Manufactured
USA 020Martin Maryland4.00Manufactured
USA 021P-38G Lightning3.00Manufactured
USA 022P-38J Lightning3.00Manufactured
USA 023B-25B/C Mitchell5.50Manufactured
USA 024B-25H5.00Manufactured
USA 025B-25J - gun / strafer nose5.50Manufactured
USA 026A-20C Boston4.00Manufactured
USA 027A-20G Havoc4.00Manufactured
USA 028P-26 Peashooter3.00Manufactured
USA 029P-36 Mohawk3.00Manufactured
USA 030F6F-3N HellcatTBDTBD
USA 031CW-21A Demon3.00Manufactured
USA 032CW-21B Demon ("export")3.00Manufactured
USA 033SBD Dauntless both canopy open3.50OCT'22
USA 034B-24D LiberatorTBDTBD
USA 035B-24J LiberatorTBDTBD
USA 036Lockheed A-29A HudsonTBDTBD
USA 037Lockheed B-34B / PV-1 VenturaTBDTBD
USA 038B-26C Marauder6.00Manufactured
USA 041B-17E/F Flying FortressTBDTBD
USA 042B-17G Flying Fortress11.00Manufactured
USA 043B-17B/C/D Flying FortressTBDTBD
USA 044P-39D/N Airacobra3.00Manufactured
USA 045Martin A-30 BaltimoreTBDTBD
USA 046Curtiss Hawk 75N (fixed landing gear, export version)3.00TBD
USA 047TBD Devastator4.00Manufactured
USA 048B-25J Mitchell - glass nose5.00TBD
USA 049TBF Avenger4.00Manufactured
USA 050F4U-4 Corsair3.00TBD
USA 133F-80 Shooting Star3.00Manufactured

WWII German

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
GER001Henschel Hs-132 ('46 jet)3.00Manufactured
GER002Heinker He-513.50OUT OF PRODUCTION, to be remastered / remade
GER003Fiesler Fi-103 (V-1) (2/pack)3.00Manufactured
GER004Focke-Wulf Fw-190A3.00Manufactured
GER005Heinkel He-111H5.50Manufactured
GER006Focke Wulf Ta 183 ('46)3.00Manufactured
GER007Messerschmidt Me-109E3.00Manufactured
GER008Arado E555 ('46 Jet)8.000
GER009Henschel Hs 129 w/ 75mm m& 30mm gun pack3.75Manufactured
GER011Fiesler Fi-103 (Manned V-1) - 2 per pack3.00Manufactured
GER012Focke-Wulf Triebfugel3.50Manufactured
GER013Messerschmidt Me 110C/C3.50Manufactured
GER014Messerschmidt Me-109F3.00Manufactured
GER015Messerschmidt Me-109G3.00Manufactured
GER016Focke-Wulf Ta 152H3.00Manufactured
GER017Messerschmidt Me-109K3.00
GER018Horten (Gotha) Ho-2293.00Manufactured
GER019Blohm & Voss Bv-1413.00Manufactured
GER020Bachem Ba-349 Natter (2)2.50Manufactured
GER021Focke-Wulf FW-190A83.00Manufactured
GER022Focke-Wulf FW-190A8R23.00Manufactured
GER023Do 335A Pfiel3.00Manufactured
GER024Ta-154 Moskito3.00Manufactured
GER025Junkers Ju-87D Stuka3.00Manufactured
GER026Junkers Ju88A-14.50Manufactured

WWII Japanese

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
JAP001Mitsubishi J2M Raiden3.00Manufactured
JAP002Nakajima Ki-44 Tojo3.00Manufactured
JAP003Mitsubishi J4M Senden (46 Jet)3.00Manufactured
JAP004Aichia D3A "Val"3.00Manufactured
JAP005Kyushu J7W (46 canard)3.00Manufactured
JAP006Mitsubishi Ki-67 Hiryu "Peggy"6.00Manufactured
JAP008Nakajima B5N "Kate"3.00Manufactured
JAP009Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero3.00Manufactured
JAP010Nakajima B6N "Jill"3.00Manufactured
JAP011Kawanishi N1K1-J "George"
JAP012Kawasaki Ki-45 Nick3.00Manufactured
JAP013Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero (Hamp)3.00Manufactured
JAP014Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero3.00Manufactured
JAP015Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar3.00Manufactured
JAP016Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony3.00Manufactured
JAP017Kawasaki Ki-1003.00Manufactured
JAP018Ki-21 Sally I6.00Manufactured
JAP019G4M1 Betty 6.00Manufactured
JAP020G4M1 Betty 6.00Manufactured
JAP021Ki-21 Sally II6.00Nov'23
JAP022G3M Nell6.00Manufactured
JAP023Ki-46 DinahTBDTBD
JAP024Ki-84 Frank3.00Manufactured
JAP025Ki-27 Nate3.00Manufactured
JAP026A6M2-N Rufe3.50Manufactured
JAP027F1M Pete3.50Manufactured
JAP029Ki-48 lily5.00Manufactured
JAP030Ki-49 Helen6.00Manufactured


Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
RUS001Polikarpov I-163.00Manufactured
RUS002Tupolev SB-2 (early, no turret)4.00Manufactured - being remastered Jan'24
RUS003Tupolev SB-2 w/ dorsal durret4.00Manufactured - being remastered Jan'24
RUS004La-5FN (from a game perspective, it's also a LA-7 and 9. Changes are under the skin)3.00Manufactured
RUS005II-2 (single seat Sturmovik)4.00Manufactured
RUS006II-2m3 (2 seat Sturmovik)4.00Manufactured
RUS007Yak-1 (razorback)3.00Manufactured
RUS009I-15 bis3.50Manufactured
RUS010Yak-1B (bubble canopy)3.00Manufactured

WWII France

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock

WWII Italy

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
ITA001Fiat G-503.00Manufactured
ITA002Fiat G-553.00Manufactured
ITA003Reggaine Re-20053.00Manufactured
ITA007CR 423.75Manufactured
ITA008CR 323.751Nov21
ITA 009SM 796.00Manufactured
ITA 010CanT Z 10078.00Manufactured

Assorted Aircraft, Minor Combatants

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
HOL001Fokker DXXI4.00Manufactured - being remastered, Nov'23.
DEN001Fokker DXXI w/ 23mm3.00Discontinued
POL001PzL 114.00Manufactured
POL002PzL 244.00Manufactured
POL003PzL 234.00Manufactured


Item NumberDescriptionPrice In Stock
ACC 001Aircraft basus, resin, 6/pack10.00stock item
ACC 002Aircraft bases, metal, pack of 35.00stock item
FS-5Pack of 12 adaptors to fit 1/8" diameter rod and hold either a 3/16 diameter magnet or a 1/4" spherical magnet10.00stock item
FS-10Pack of 12. Aircraft adaptor. Glues into 5/64" (2mm) hole in bottom of airplane, magnetically couples to 1/4" spherical magnet (IN-203)10.00stock item
IN-201Pack of 50 magnets, 3/16 diameter x 1/32 thick. These are the 'standard' magnets we've sold for years.10.00stock item
IN-202 - newPack of 50 3/16" diameter x 1/16 thick magnet10.00stock item
IN-203 - newPack of 6 pcs 1/4" spherical magnet. Glues to FS-5, FS-10 is attached magnetically and allows the plane to show roll, pitch and yaw.9.00stock item

Post WWII Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPrice, USDIn Stock - manufactured = yes
GBR101Westland Wyvern ('46)4.00Manufactured
GBR102Blackburn Firebrand ('46)4.00Manufactured
GBR103Westland Whirlwind Helo3.500
GBR104Hawker Hunter3.00Manufactured
GBR105BAE Gnat2.50Manufactured
GBR106Supermarine Scimitar3.00Manufactured
GBR107Gloster Javelin4.00Manufactured
GBR108Sea Harrier3.00Manufactured
GBR109Hawker Sea Hawk4.00Manufactured
USA101Boeing Vertol H-21 Shawnee3.500
USA102Douglas A-4E Skyhawk3.00Manufactured
USA103Vought F-8A Crusader3.50Manufactured
USA104McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom5.00Manufactured
USA105Sikorsky S 55 Helo3.500
USA106F-100D Super Sabre4.00Manufactured
USA107Grumman F9F-8 Cougar3.00Manufactured
USA108McDonnell F3H Demon3.00Manufactured
USA109North American F-86 Sabre3.00Manufactured
USA110F9F-2 Panther3.00Manufactured
USA111F-84E Thunderjet3.00Manufactured
USA112A-7 Corsair II3.25Manufactured
USA115F-104A w/o tip tanks3.00Manufactured
USA116F-4E Phantom II5.00Manufactured
USA117F-100F Super Sabre4.00Manufactured
USA118F-104A w/ tip tanks3.00Manufactured
USA119B-66 Destroyer (Tonkin Gulf scenario book)9.00Manufactured
USA120F-105G ThunderchiefTBDTBD
USA121F-14A Tomcat6.00Manufactured
Low level detail challenges....
USA124F-16C w/ conformal cuel tanks4.00Manufactured
USA125F-18E Super Hornet6.00Manufactured
USA126A-6A IntruderTBDTBD
USA128F-22 Raptor6.00Manufactured
USA132A-1 Skyraider4.00Manufactured
USA133F-80 Shooting Star3.00Manufactured
USA134A-10 Thunderbolt II6.00Manufactured
USA135F-15E Strike EagleTBDTBD
RUS107MiG-23 or 27TBDTBD
RUS108Il-28 Beagle6.50Manufactured
RUS110MiG-21 MF3.00Nov'23
RUS111MiG-21 PFM3.00Manufactured
FRA101Dassault Mystere3.00Manufactured
FRA102Mirage V3.00Manufactured
FRA103Dassault Super Mystere3.50Manufactured
FRA104Mirage III3.00Manufactured
FRA105Dassault Ouragon3.00
FRA106Fouga Magister3.00Manufactured
FRA107Mirage F-14.00Manufactured
SWE101Saab Viggen4.00Manufactured
SWE102Saab Draken4.00April'23
SWE104Saab Gripen4.00Manufactured

Canadian, Swedish, Israeli

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CAN001CF-100 Canuck4.00Manufactured
SWE001Saab Viggen4.00Manufactured
SWE 002Saab Drakken4.00Spring'20
SWE004Saab Gripen4.00Manufactured