We have a few painters and painting services we deal with but only 1 with a website:  

Chris Aukes (Schaumberg,Illinois (Chicago suburb)  Good service, good price, square deals. Chris and I go back 30+ years, he’s both a good guy and a friend.


Chris Geisert (Hastings, Michigan) Chris is functionally employee #1 and morphing into a business partner, and has done painting for a number of folks. Visit reference page.

Rough rule of thumb for 1/285 fighters and non 4 engine planes is double the cost of the miniature +$1 = price of mini and paint job. For microarmor or 1/2400 naval, enquire. Same for 15mm armor, Napoleonics, ACW, etc.  The following gent offers painting services, and his contact information is below. Please garner references as needed as I have no experience in using them directly, though I’ve heard no harsh words.