This page contains listings of microscale (1/285-1/300, reference) airplanes we stock from manufacturers other than Scotia and Raiden

updated 8Mar12

Assorted non Scotia planes from MSD , the Luftwaffe 46 line. Because of conflicting stock number overlap with the Scotia line, I’m changing designators and stock numbers.

There are 2 new castings, IN-410, the Vought XF5U ‘Flying Flapjack’ and IN-611, the BV-222 ‘Viking’ Flying Boat, a 6 engine beastie.

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
IN-401F7F Tigercat3.0012
IN-402F8F Bearcat3.0010
IN-403P-58 Chain Lightning w/ 37mm5.502
IN-404F2H Banshee3.0012
IN-405XP-55 Ascender2.752
IN-406XP-67 Moonbat3.003
IN-407XP-54 (Vultee Canard)2.756
IN-408Bell XP-772.753
IN-409P-58 Chain Lightning w/ 75mm5.502
IN-410Vought XF5U "Flying Flapjack"3.004
IN-411B-32 Dominator11.002
IN-412B-35 Flying Wing20.002
IN-500de Havilland Vampire3.0012
IN-501 de Havilland Hornet3.004
IN-502Fairey Swordfish5.505
IN-601Messerschmidt Me-262B3.0014
IN-602Messerschmidt Me-262B w/ 50mm cannon3.0013
IN-603 Horten/Gotha 18A "Amerika Bomber" Flying wing configuration, 5-1/4" span11.001
IN-604Junkers Ju-2875.501
IN-605Messerschmidt Me-26414.000
IN-607Junders Ju-29019.006
IN-607 Heinkel He-277 "Super Grief"10.006
IN-608Arado Ar 234C3 (4 engine)5.502
IN-609Junkers Ju-188E15.506
IN-610Me-263 Komet II3.009
IN-611BV-222 Viking20.007
IN-612He-162B Salamander II3.009
IN-613Ju-390 Bomber / recon22.002
IN-614Messerschmidt Me-36420.001
IN-615He-162C (Swept wing)3.009
IN-616He-162D (swept forward wing)3.003
IN-701Mitsubishi Ki-833.004
IN-702Nakajima Ki-873.0012
IN-703Kyushu J7W1 Shinden3.009
IN-704Mitsubishi J8M12.000
IN-705Ki-109 Randy6.0012
IN-706D4Y Judy3.006

CinC – we stock a limited number of CinC’s very nice models.

We only stock the planes which have, at most, require the wings be glued on.

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