How to alter flight stands to achieve roll / pitch / yaw

Using I-94 Enterprises Flight Stand adaptors to show roll, pitch, yaw.
This series of alterations and instructions requires the following items to revise most flight stands.

The Basics

We’re going to remove the flat /disc magnets, smooth the now open end of the stick and glue FS-5 over the stick.

Spherical magnet IN-203 will seat into the cup on FS-5. Be careful regarding magnetic poles being vertical. For this to work, the poles have to be vertical.

Glue FS-10 airplane adaptor into the center of gravity of the miniatures. For Raiden models, this is the small hole with or without a spotface (small flat dish) in the bottom of the miniature.

Fly well. Good tactics just annoy the dice.

FS-5 adaptors use a 1/8” (3.2mm) rod diameter on flight stand.
Pliers, file. Glue (we prefer epoxy). Something to mark the spherical magnet as to pole direction (permanent marker or similar)
And to modify 12 ‘typical’ flight stands, the following:
2 packs IN-203, ¼ (6.4mm) spherical magnets.

1 pack of 12 FS-5 stand adaptors.    1 pack of 12 FS-10 aircraft adaptors.

10-Flight stand before removal of disc magnet
Step 1 -Flight stand before removal of disc magnet


20-Flight stand after removal of disc magnet
Step 2 – Using pliers, twist off the flat / disc magnet


30-Use file to remove burrs at end of stick
Step 3 – Use file to remove burrs at end of stick


40-FS-10 adaptors glued to planes, stand complete
Step 4 – Glue FS-10 aircraft adaptor to miniature. Glue IN-203 spherical magnet into cup in FS-5 adaptor. Mark magnet with dot to show polarity – poles must be vertical


Airplanes in bank - stand complete
Step 5 – When all the glue is dry, mount the planes onto the stands. Fly well. Good tactics just annoy the dice.

Raiden GBR 12 Spitfires Mk V with Beacon Decal # BR-106.

Stands shown are modified FS-1 stands from Regal Minis / Last Square. They’re on this website as FS-1 Flight Stands

Minis shown painted and decalled by Chris Geisert. You can contact him on our painters’ link, he’s our house painter.

File / remove any glue from end of rod.

Place FS-5 cup over rod. At nominal, there is .005” / .012mm clearance. Things may not be round.
Wring cup onto rod as needed.
Apply glue into end of cup – FS-5. Place over rod, twisting to spread glue. Glue magnet onto cup. Make sure pole is up. Set against another magnet, mark magnetic pole with a permanent marker, glue so mark is up. The stand adaptor can be painted as desired.

Flight stands with FS-5 adaptor and ¼” magnet glued up.
Part number FS-10, aircraft adaptor shown. It fits to magnet and provides roll, pitch and yaw.

To attach FS-10 adaptor to planes. Comments – Most of the Raiden line of aircraft miniatures have a recess and a .20” / 5mm spotface (flat) in the bottom of the miniature on the horizontal centers of mass. Glue FS-10 into the bottom of the miniature. If the hole needs to be deepened or enlarged, use a 5/64 (2mm) drill as needed. The ‘super glues’ work well. Epoxy works better.

And a couple of photos showing the range of motion… Enjoy.