Scotia 1/300

This is a listing of Scotia’s ‘Collectair’ line of 1/300 aircraft miniatures. We are importers and distributors of this well established and comprehensive line of airplanes.


Collectair 1/300th Aircraft

Collectair is a large range of aircraft from WWII to the present day with occasional new releases. These aircraft are highly detailed and accurate, but designed for wargames use. They are cast in pewter to ensure that every detail is faithfully reproduced. Releases are infrequent and without schedule, as this is an established product liine. Note. There are a few stock numbers marked with an asterisk (*). This is a housekeeping note to us and has no relevance to ordering.

WWII Aircraft

WWII British Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CABS1Typhoon IBn/ano longer stocked
CABS2Spitfire Mk II3.00No longer stocked
CABS3Spitfire Mk VB3.00No longer stocked
CABS4Spitfire Mk VI (high altitude version)3.000
CABS5Spitfire Mk VB (low altitude version)3.0016
CABS6Hurricane Mk I3.00No longer stocked
CABS7Hurricane Mk IID (AT version w/ twin 40mm)3.003
CABS8Beaufighter TFX3.75No longer stocked
CABS9Mosquito B Mk IV3.750
CABS10Mosquito FB Mk XVIII3.750
CABS11Skua Mk II3.004
CABS12Vickers Wellington III7.502
CABS13Fairey Barracuda I/II3.002
CABS14Fairey Firefly I3.000
CABS15Bristol Blenheim I5.504
CABS16Fairey Battle3.00No longer stocked
CABS17Fairey Battle Belgian Type3.00*0
CABS18Blenheim Mk IV long nose5.50No longer stocked
CABS20Lancaster w/ Grandslam9.756
CABS21Lancaster Dambuster9.754
CABS23Avro York12.000
CABS25Halifax III9.002
CABS26Hampden I6.002
CABS27Meteor Mk 82.752
CABS28Vickers Wellesley I5.252
CABS29Fairey Firefly Mk 53.002
CABS30Horsa Glider8.251
CABS31G A Hamlicar Glider12.000
CABS32A W Albemarle7.503
CABS33A W Whitley V7.501
CABS34Sea Fury3.002
CABS35Boulton Paul Defiant3.00No longer stocked
CABS36Blackburn Roc3.002
CABS37Blenheim NF (A1)5.50No longer stocked
CABS38Hurricane IIC3.002
CABS40Fairey Fulmar3.00No longer stocked
CABS41Fairey Albacore4.501
CABS43Lancaster II9.001
CABS44Wellington II7.500
CABS47Tempest V (chin radiator)3.00No longer stocked
CABS48Temptest II (radial engine)3.00No longer stocked
CABS49Spitfire IX3.008
CABS50Westland Whirlwind3.50*4
CABS51Bristol Beaufortn/aNo longer stocked
CABS52Grandslam Bomb1.250
CABS53Lancaster with tallboy9.750
CABS54Tallboy bomb1.500

WWII German Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CAGS1Arado AR 234 bomber3.502
CAGS2Me-109E3.00No longer stocked
CAGS3FW-190A3.00No longer stocked
CAGS4ME-2623.00No longer stocked
CAGS5JU-88A44.50No longer stocked
CAGS6JU-88 Mistel w/ FW-1909.000
CAGS7JU-88 Mistel w/ Me-1099.003
CAGS8JU-88 w/ 75mm6.000
CAGS9JU-87G&D Stuka3.00no longer stocked
CAGS10Hs-129 w/ 75mm3.50no longer stocked
CAGS11DFS-230 A/B3.506
CAGS12He-111H6.00No longer stocked
CAGS13Do-17z6.00No longer stocked
CAGS14Heinkel 111 Zwilling11.001
CAGS15Dornier 217E Long Span6.003
CAGS16Dornier 217E Bomber6.003
CAGS17Fritz X Guided Bomb1.254
CAGS18Hs-293 Guided Bomb1.250
CAGS19Go-242 Glider7.503
CAGS20Me 110 C/Dn/aNo longer stocked
CAGS21Me 110 G (Night Fighter)3.250
CAGS22Go-244 (powered Go 242)7.504
CAGS23Fw 190D (Dora)3.006
CAGS24Fw 200C Condor10.002
CAGS25He 162 Salamander3.004
CAGS26Ju 88G Night Fighter6.004
CAGS27Henschel Hs 1264.501
CAGS28Me 4104.003
CAGS29Do 335 Pfeil3.00No longer stocked
CAGS30Junkers Ju-87 B3.00No longer stocked
CAGS31Me 163 Komet2.505
CAGS32He 177 Greif10.002
CAGS33Do335 A6 Pfeil "tandem seat"3.002
CAGS34Dornier Do 17P6.000
CAGS35He219 UHU night fighter6.000
CAGS36Ju86 R (high altitude recce)9.003
CAGS37Me 109F3.00No longer stocked
CAGS38Me 109G3.00No longer stocked
CAGS39Fw189 UHU6.003
CAGS40He111 E6.007
CAGS41Ju86 D8.002
CAGS43Ta 154 (Moskito)3.759
CAGS44Ta 152H3.003
CAGS45He 100D3.000
CAGS47Bv 13810.001
CAGS48He 1123.000
CAGS49Go224 Flying Wing3.001
CAGS51E-555 Bomber (Luft'46, 6 engine Jet)10.501
CAGS52Blohm & Voss P208 (Luft '46, pusher prop)2.754

WWII Netherlands Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CADS1Fokker D XXI3.00No longer stocked

WWII USSR Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CARS1IL-2m3 Sturmovik3.006
CARS2Tupolev SB24.002
CARS3Tupolev SB2 bis4.003
CARS4Tupolev TB 313.003
CARS5La 93.0011
CARS6Yak 14 Glider8.251
CARS8IL DB3 (nose turret)6.003
CARS9Lagg 33.005
CARS11Yak 13.006
CARS12I-16 (Mosca)3.00No longer stocked
CARS13SU 23.0010
CARS14Mig 33.000
CARS15Tu 26.004
CARS16Pe 813.00*14
CARS17IL 103.008
CARS18YAK1M bubble hood2.5012
CARS19La-5 FN3.00No longer stocked
CARS20I-1533.00No longer stocked

WWII USA Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CAUS1P-51D Mustang3.00No longer stocked
CAUS2P-82 Twin Mustang6.002
CAUS3P-82 Twin Mustang w/ Radar6.002
CAUS4Vought F-4 Corsair3.00No longer stocked
CAUS5Douglas C-47 Dakota7.00*0
CAUS6CG-4 Hadrian/Waco Glider7.00*4
CAUS7Grumman TBF Avenger3.00No longer stocked
CAUS8P47C Thunderbolt (Razorback)3.00No longer stocked
CAUS9P-47 D Thunderbolt Bubble Top3.00No longer stocked
CAUS10B-17G Flying Fortress11.004
CAUS11B-24J Liberator11.004
CAUS12A-26 Invader6.000
CAUS13B25C Mitchell6.00No longer stocked
CAUS14P-51B Mustang3.00No longer stocked
CAUS15B-25J Mitchell3.003
CAUS16P-61 Black Widow6.00No longer stocked
CAUS18Lockheed P38J Lightningn/aNo longer stocked
CAUS19B-29 Superfortress11.003
CAUS20Curtiss P-36 (Hawk 75)n/aNo longer stocked
CAUS21Curtiss P40C Tomahawkn/aNo longer stocked
CAUS22Bell P-63 Kingcobra3.002
CAUS23Douglas A-20C Bostonn/aNo longer stocked
CAUS24Douglas C 5412.008
CAUS25Vultee Vengeance3.006
CAUS26F4F Wildcatn/aNo longer stocked
CAUS27F6F Hellcatn/aNo longer stocked
CAUS28SBD Dauntless3.003
CAUS29TBD Devastatorn/aNo longer stocked
CAUS30SB2C Curtiss Helldiver3.75*8
CAUS31Douglas Boston A-20Gn/aNo longer stocked
CAUS32B-17 C/D11.004
CAUS33SBD Dauntless open canopy3.003
CAUS34Brewster F2A Buffalon/aNo longer stocked
CAUS35PBY 5 Catalina11.00*2
CAUS36SBD Dauntless Diving3.006
CAUS37B-26C Marauder6.00No Longer Stocked
CAUS38Catalina PBY 411.001
CAUS39Martin B-106.00*2
CAUS40Curtis C-469.002
CAUS41Piper L-4 Grasshopper2.500
CAUS42P-51B Malcom Hood3.00No longer stocked
CAUS43Lockheed Hudson6.004
CAUS44P-39 Airacobra3.00No longer stocked
CAUS45Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher4.503
CAUS46F6f-3N Hellcat3.002
CAUS47B-26B Marauder Short wing6.000
CAUS48P-40N Curtiss Warhawkn/aNo longer stocked
CAUS49B-24D Liberator10.004
CAUS50P-26 Peashootern/aNo longer stocked
CAUS51P-38J Lightning "Droop snoot"3.004
CAUS52F4U-4N Vought Corsair3.004
CAUS53Martin PBM Mariner13.003
CAUS55Vought SB2U Vindicator3.003
CAUS56Martin Maryland (US A-22)n/aNo longer stocked

WWII Japanese Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CAJS1Mitsubishi Ki-67 1b Peggyn/aNo Longer Stocked
CAJS2A6M Zeron/aNo longer stocked
CAJS3Kawasaki NIK1 Shinden (George)n/aNo longer stocked
CAJS4Mitsubishi J1m Raiden (Jack)n/aNo longer stocked
CAJS5Aichi D3A1 (Val)n/aNo longer stocked
CAJS6Nakajima B5N Katen/aNo longer stocked
CAJS7G3M Nell6.003
CAJS8G3M Bettyn/aNo Longer Stocked
CAJS9Kawanashi H6K Mavis11.002
CAJS10Kawasaki Ki 61 Tonyn/aNo longer stocked
CAJS11Nakajima Ki 27 Naten/aNo longer stocked
CAJS12Nakajima Ki 43 Oscarn/aNo longer stocked
CAJS13Nakajima Ki-84 Frankn/aNo longer stocked
CAJS14Mitsubishi Ki 21 Sallyn/aNo longer stocked
CAJS15Mitsubishi A5M Claude3.002
CAJS16Mitsubishi Ki 46 Dinah3.002
CAJS17Kawanashi H8K Emily112
CAJS18Kawasaki Ki 48 Lilyn/aNo longer stocked
CAJS19Kawasaki Ki 31 Mary30
CAJS20Nakajima B6N Tenzan Jilln/aNo longer stocked
CAJS21G4M2E Betty with Ohka90
CAJS22Mitsubishi Ki 51 Sonia3.000
CAJS23Nakajima Ki 49 Helenn/aNo longer stocked
CAJS24Aichi E13A Jake4.52
CAJS25Yokosuka MXY-7 "Baka"2.50
CAJS26Nakajima A6M Rufe32
CAJS27Kawasaki Ki-45 'Nick'3.5No longer stocked
CAJS28Aichi Serian5.251

WWII French Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CAFS2MS 406n/aNo longer stocked
CAFS3Arnoit 143M7.52
CAFS4Bloch 152n/aNo longer stocked
CAFS5Breguet 691/6933.75No longer stocked
CAFS6Bloch 174/1753.756
CAFS7Dewotine De 5103.000
CAFS9Dewotine De 5200No longer stocked
CAFS10Farman 22290

WWII Australian Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock

WWII Italian Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CATS1SM79 Sparvieron/aNo longer stocked
CATS3Fiat BR20 Cigogna62
CATS4Cant Z1007 Alcione twin finn/aNo longer stocked
CATS5Macchi MC 200 Saettan/aNo longer stocked
CATS6Reggiane 2000 Falco3.004
CATS7Fiat G50 Frechian/aNo longer stocked
CATS8Macchi C202 Folgoren/aNo longer stocked
CATS9SM81 Pipistrello7.50
CATS10Breda 653.006

WWII Polish Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
PO-2PZL P24 3.002
PO-3PZL P376.002

WWII Romanian Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CGRS1IAR 80/813.0010

Modern Aircraft

Modern US Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CAUM1F-16 Falconn/aNo longer stocked
CAUM2Bell AH-1 Cobra22
CAUM3F4B/C/D Phantomn/ano longer stocked
CAUM4F4E Phantomn/aNo longer stocked
CAUM5Grumman F9F Panthern/ano longer stocked
CAUM6F-86E Sabren/aNo longer stocked
CAUM7A1H/J Skyraidern/ano longer stocked
CAUM8F-84 Thunderjetn/aNo longer stocked
CAUM9McD Douglas A4 Skyhawkn/ano longer stocked
CAUM10Cavalier Mustang III2.753
CAUM11P-80 Shooting Starn/ano longer stocked
CAUM12Martin B-576.004
CAUM13C-119 Fairchild packet110
CAUM14F-105D Thunderchief6.002
CAUM16U2 High Altitude recce5.254
LMN 2B-58 Hustler131

 Modern British Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CABM1Harrier AV-8Bn/aNo longer stocked
CABM3Meteor 83.008
CABM4Canberra B27.50
CABM5Shackleton MR 2130
CABM6Shackleton AEW 2130
CABM7E.E Lightning F Mk II36

Modern USSR Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CARM1Mig-27 Flogger D3.750
CARM2Mig-25 Foxbat A5.250
CARM3SU-24 Fencer5.253
CARM4Mil-24 Hind3.002
CARM5Mig-29 Fulcrum34
CARM6Mig-15n/aNo longer stocked
CARM7Ilyushin IL28 Beagle66
CARM8Mig-17n/aNo longer stocked
CARM9Mig-21n/ano longer stocked
LMN 1Backfire201

Modern French Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CAFM1Super Etendard36
CAFM2Vautor IIB4.50
CAFM3Vautor Fighter4.50

Modern Isreal Aircraft

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock

Aircraft Accessories

Item NumberDescriptionPriceIn Stock
CABB150Kg/100Lb Bomb (10)1.750
CABB2250/500Lb Bomb (5)1.750
CABB3Med Drop Tank Two Fins (5)1.750
CABB4Med Drop Tank One Fin (5)1.750
CABB5Large Drop Tank (5)1.750
CABB624" Torpedoes (5)1.750
CABB7Medium Drop Tank1.750
CABB8Large Drop Tank Two Fins (5)1.750
CABB921" Torpedoes (5)1.750
Cabb1018" Torpedoes (5)1.759