Fight On! Goodies

From the Fine Fellows (Sandy and Rob) at ‘Fights On’, we are stocking their line of dedicated air gaming goodies. While specifically intended to support the Check Your 6! line of rules, they work for any genre of aerial combat.

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
DP1Downed Pilot Marker - (One per pack)5.00
AM1Afterburner Markers (12) 1.00
AM21/300 Scale Airframe/Engine Damage Markers (6/6) 1.50
AM31/600 Scale Airframe/Engine Damage Markers (6/6) 1.00
M1Air to Air Missiles (5) 3.50
M2Surface to Air Missiles with Stands (3) 5.00
M3Anti-Ship Missiles with Stands (3) 5.00
M4Seaskimming Anti Ship Missiles (5) 3.50
N1Flak Bursts (20-25)1.00
N2Chaff Cloud (2) 5.00
N3Starshell Marker (2) 3.00
R1Light Anti Aircraft Artillery (AAA) Site (5) 5.00
R2Medium Anti Aircraft Artillery (AAA) Site (3) 3.00
R3Surface to Air Missile (SAM) Site (3) 3.00
R4Suez Canal 9.00
R5Oil Refinery 6.00
R6Oil Pipeline Booster Pack 9.00
R7Power Station 6.00
R8Power Line Booster Pack 9.00
R9Nuke plantTBD 

Please use this link to view photos of these products: