10mm Lines

This is the listing of our 10mm lines of resin terrain, bunkers, emplacements, buildings and assorted goodies. These products also carry confusing product codes, so please refer to the entire part number. 

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
10-RN-004Ruined City Buildings Three Building Strip5.00
10-RN-005Ruined City Buildings Two Corner Buildings5.00
10-RN-006Ruined City Buildings One Building2.50
10-RN-007Ruined Country Buildings Russian Log House2.50
10-RN-008Ruined City Buildings Single Two-Story House4.00
10-TT-001Tent Cluster2.50
10-US-001Log Cabin4.00
10-US-002Pennsylvania Overhanging Barn (barn & base)22.00
10-US-002A10-US-002 Barn alone, without base12.00
10-US-002B10-US-002 Barn Base, without barn10.00
10-NA-001Adobe Building with wall4.00
10-NA-002Modern 3rd World Concrete 2-Story8.00