15mm Lines

This is the listing of our 15mm lines of resin terrain, bunkers, emplacements, buildings  and assorted goodies. These products also carry confusing product codes, so please refer to the entire part number.  The Rolling Plains Terrain line is at the bottom of the listing.

15mm Tents

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
15-TT-01Round Tent (qty 3)$4.00
15-TT-02Small Square Tent (qty 3)$4.00
15-TT-03Large Square Tent (qty 2)$6.00
15-TT-04ACW Sibley Tent (3)$4.00

15mm Fortifications, etc.

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
15-FT-001German B1B Pillbox (fits Flames of War stands)$28.00
15-FT-002German Gustav/Hitler Line (w/Panther turret) Bunker$10.00
15-FT-003German Atlantic Wall (w/Pz II turret) Bunker$15.00
15-FT-004German Atlantic Wall (w/ Somua turret) Bunker$15.00
15-TR-0012” Sand Bag Line  (qty 6)$4.00
15-TR-0023” Sand Bag Line  (qty 6)$4.50
15-TR-0032” wide x1½”  deep Small Sand Bag Position  (qty 2)$3.00
15-TR-0043” wide x2” deep  Medium Sand Bag Position  (qty 2)$4.00
15-TR-0054” wide x3” deep Large Sand Bag Position  (qty 2)$4.00
15-TR-006Small Crater  (qty 6)$5.00
15-TR-007Large Crater (qty 4)$8.00
15-TR-008Earth Embankment (3” wide x2” deep)  (qty 4)$3.00
15-TR-009Stone Wall (10 pieces)$5.00
15-TR-010Adobe Wall (10 pieces)$5.00
15-SC-001Tree Stump (qty 8)$5.00
15-SC-002Haystacks (4)$4.00
15-BR-001One-arch Stone Bridge$20.00