Target Line of based aircraft – something to strafe

Available 5 March 2014, we have 4 items of interest for air games.  All items are 3 for $6 and are at 1/1200 scale –  1/4th the scale of most of the planes we make and sell.

TAR 1 – Short Sunderland       TAR 2 – PBY Catalina        TAR 3 – H8K Emily

TAR 4 – H6K – this is the one in the Check Your 6! book Floatplane Hell which is the inspiration for the line

Photos are of 1 each painted and bag contents for as cast. The TAR line has had their vertical stabilizers trimmed to be flush with the wings / fuselage so that a flight stand will not tilt / fall off. Base diameter is 1-1/2″ / 38mm. Note. This line of targets may or may not have mild imperfections (incomplete cast nose, engine nacelles, tails). This is considered acceptable for this line.


TAR 1 Sunderland ptdTAR 2 Catalina ptd

TAR 1                                                                                    TAR 2

TAR 3 Emily ptdTAR 4 Mavis ptd

TAR 3                                                                            TAR 4

TAR 1 as castTAR 4 as cast

TAR 1 as cast                                                              TAR 4 as cast