6mm Lines

This is the listing of our 6mm lines of resin terrain, buildings, RR stock, track, and assorted goodies. These products also carry confusing product codes, so please refer to the entire part number.  The Rolling Plains Terrain line is at the bottom of the listing.

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
06-TR-001Stone Walls (10 pieces)3.00
06-IN-001Collapsed Smoke Stack (qty 2)4.00
06-IN-002Boiler (qty 4)8.00
06-IN-003Power House3.00
06-IN-004Tank Farm3.00
06-IN-007Ruined Factory8.50
06-IN-008Modern Factory8.00
06-IN-009Small Chemical Work4.00
06-IN-010Electrical Tower (European) (Qty 6)3.00
06-IN-011Ruined Factory Module (Railroad Dock/Left Corner)4.00
06-IN-012Ruined Factory Module (Railroad Dock/Right Corner)4.00
06-IN-013Ruined Factory Module (Railroad Dock/Straight Wall)4.00
06-IN-014Ruined Factory Module (Straight Wall)4.00
06-IN-015Ruined Factory Module (Convex Corner)3.00
06-IN-016Ruined Factory Module (Blank Floor – 2 ea)4.00
06-IN-019Ruined Factory Module (Corner Piece)4.00
06-IN-017Rubble for Ruined Factory (10 pieces)3.00
06-IN-018Machine Tools for Ruined Factory  (4 lathes & 2 drill presses)5.00

Vac-U-Cast 1/285th Products

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
AT-101AEuropean 4-Wheel Flatcars (4 ea)8.00
AT-102AEuropean 4-Wheel Boxcar (4 ea)10.00
AT-103Russian Armored Locomotive 19425.50
AT-104Infantry Car with Concrete Armored Sides3.00
AT-105European 4-Wheel Boxcar with Observation Cupola3.00
AT-106Converted Troop Car with Bay Windows3.00
AT-107European 4-Wheel Boxcar with Armored Observation Copula3.00
AT-108Converted AA Car for Quad 20mm with MG AA Pit       3.00
AT-109BP-42 Command Car                                   3.00
AT-110Converted Command Car with MG Pit for AA3.00
AT-111Open Topped Armored Infantry Car for Train Type 26 to 28 Train3.00
AT-112Early Tank Turret Pusher Car3.00
AT-113Low Sided AA Car  for Quad 20mm                     3.00
AT-114Tank Carrier Car for Train Type 26 to 28 for SOMUA
     S-35 or Pz38 Tanks
AT-115European 4-Wheel Pipe Gondola Circa 1930 (4 ea)3.00
AT-116AItalian Peaked Roof Boxcar Circa 1925  (4 ea)11.00
AT-117Russian Utility and Tool Car3.00
AT-118Western European Passenger Car, 1920’s (4 ea)10.00
AT-119Western European Tank Car, 1920-1945 (4 ea)10.00
AT-120Western European Dump Gondola, 1920-1945 (4 ea)10.00
AT-200European Railroad Water Tower –1900-19455.00
AT-201European Railroad Coaling Tower–1900-19455.00
AT-202European Railroad Sanding Tower–1900-19454.00
AT-204European Sanding Tower4.00
AT-205Locomotive Turn Table12.50
AT-206Locomotive Repair House10.00
AT-207Round House (3 bay) for use with AT-20425.00
Note: No quad 20mm guns, tank turrets or tanks are provided with these models. You must procure your own.
T-101Petroleum Tank Farm  (2 bldgs, 2 lrg & 3 small tanks) 6.50
T-102Petroleum Tank Farm #2   (1 bldg, 2 lrg & 1 tall tanks)8.75         
T-103Russian Peasant Cottages  (6 ea, 2 styles)8.75
T-104Railway Track Asst #1  (6 straight)6.00
T-105Railway Track Asst #2  (8 curves)5.00
T-106Railway Track Asst #3   (4 switches)6.00
T-106ARailway Trestle Bridge5.00
T-106BRailway Track Asst #4 (4 ends & 4 crossings)7.00
T-106CBombed Straight Track (2 ea)3.00
T-106DRailway Double Track Asst #4 (2 straight sections)5.00
T-106ERailway Single to Double Track Switch (1 left, 1 right)5.00
T-106FRailyard (5 parallel straight tracks)5.00
T-106GRailyard Switches (5 parallel straight tracks)5.00
T-107Small Stone Bridges   (set of 2)5.00
T-108Small Stone Bridges (destroyed)  (set of 2)5.00
T-109Multiple Blast Craters  (set of 5)3.50
T-110Single Blast Craters  (set of 5)3.50
T-111Atlantic Wall Bunker/Pillboxes   (1 bunker & 6 pillboxes in 2 styles)8.75
T-112Light Flak Bunkers  (Set of 3)5.00
T-113Atlantic Wall Light Flak Emplacements  (set of 3)5.00
T-114Light Flak Emplacements (Set of 3)5.00
T-115Wooden 88 Flak Pits  (Set of 5)6.75
T-116North Africa Sand Bagged  88 Flak Pits  (set of 5)  6.75
T-117Cap Blanc Nez Heavy Flak Pits  (set of 5)6.75
T-118Atlantic Wall Heavy Flak Emplacements (set of 5)6.75
T-119Japanese Log Bunkers  (set of 6)6.50
T-120Ruined Russian Cottage (3 each)4.00
T-122Tank Dug-outs (5 each)4.00
T-123Railroad Track with Bomb Crater (2 sections)3.00
T-124South Korean Machine Gun Bunker (3 each)5.75
T-125Japanese Tarawa Revetments (set of 4)5.00
T-126Japanese Tarawa Machine Gun Bunkers (set of 6)5.00

1/285th (6mm) Bunkers

Siegfried Line/West Wall Series

These are the raw, uncovered bunker, with no earth built up around them.

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
06-FT-G-001Contains 5 different bunkers (1 each):
Type B-1-10 Infantry Shelter
Type 506 AT Casemate        
Type M19 Mortar Bunker
Type B1-1 Machine Gun Casemate
Type 134 Magazine
06-FT-G-002Contains 5 different bunkers (1 each):
Type VF-1A Group Shelter
Type 139 AT/MG Casemate     
Type B1-9 Three Embrasure Machine Gun Bunker
Type 103 Machine Gun Casemate
Type 504 AT Shelter
06-FT-G-003Contains 5 different bunkers (1 each):
Type 101 Group Shelter
Type BI-20 Anti-Tank Casemate
Type 98 Machine Gun Casemate
Type 104 Machine Gun Casemate
Type 117 Battalion/Regiment Command Post
06-FT-G-004Contains 5 different bunkers (1 each):
Type 127 Group Shelter
Type 109 Anti-Tank Casemate 
Type 112 Machine Gun Casemate
Type 105 Machine Gun Casemate
Type 119 Battery Command Post
06-FT-G-005Contains 5 different bunkers (1 each):
Type 501 Group Shelter
Type 116 Anti-Tank Casemate
Type 115d Machine Gun Casemate
Type 515 Machine Gun Casemate
Type 143 Artillery Observation Post

Siegfried Line/West Wall Series

The following bunkers have been covered with earth so only the firing slits and doors are exposed.

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
06-FT-G-01AType B-1-10 Infantry Shelter4.00
06-FT-G-01WType 506 Anti-Tank Casemate6.00
06-FT-G-01QType M19 Mortar Bunker6.00
06-FT-G-01RType B1-1 Machine Gun Casemate (Qty 2)4.00
06-FT-G-01FType 134 Magazine6.00
06-FT-G-02BType VF-1a Group Shelter3.00
06-FT-G-02XType 139 Anti-Tank/Machine Gun Casemate6.50
06-FT-G-02LType 504 Anti-Tank Shelter3.00
06-FT-G-02SType 103 Machine Gun Casemate4.00
06-FT-G-02GType 504 Anti-Tank Shelter4.00
06-FT-G-03CType 101 Group Shelter4.00
06-FT-G-03YType BI-20 Anti-Tank Casemate3.00
06-FT-G-03NType 98 Machine Gun Casemate6.00
06-FT-G-03TType 104 Machine Gun Casemate3.00
06-FT-G-03HType 117 Battalion/Regimental Command Post8.00
06-FT-G-04DType 127 Group Shelter4.50
06-FT-G-04ZType 109 Anti-Tank CasemateTBD
06-FT-G-04OType 112 Machine Gun Casemate4.00
06-FT-G-04UType 105 Machine Gun Casemate4.00
06-FT-G-04IType 119 Battery Command Post8.00
06-FT-G-05EType 501 Group Shelter3.00
06-FT-G-05ZZType 116 Anti-Tank Casemate6.00
06-FT-G-05PType 115d Machine Gun Casemate5.00
06-FT-G-05VType 515 Machine Gun Casemate4.00
06-FT-G-05KType 143 Artillery Observation Post5.00

Stalin Line Series (Bunkers are raw, uncovered bunkers)

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
06-FT-R-001 Russian Stalin Line Fort Zwiakel - 5 bunkers.10 

 Stalin Line Series (Bunkers are covered with earth)

Item NumberDescriptionPrice
06-FT-R-B01 Russian Stalin Line Fort Zwiakel - 5 bunkers.12 

6mm Assorted items – Ruins, Bridges, Railroad track

Item NumberProduct DescriptionPrice
BAR 2Ruin w/ 2 shell craters4.50
BAR 4Ruin w/ 4 shell craters4.50
BAR 16Ruined North African Building5.50
M-1European Scows7.00
M-3Port Extension w/ military works9.00
M-5Slipway w/ vessel under construction9.00
M-9Barges, 2, 1 each large & small9.00
P-2Heavy Wood Bridge9.00
P-4British Folding Pontoon Bridge10.00
P-8German Pneumatic Pontoon Bridge10.00
P9/1German Half Load Pontoon Bridge12.00
P-11German Improved Ferries9.00
P-123 arched stone bridge5.50
P-131 arch stone bridge5.50
P-14Ruined Stone bridge3.00
P-163 small bridges7.50
P-173 tiny bridges (2 pc at 1”, 1 pc at 1-1/2”)3.00
T-5Curved railroad track (6)4.00
T-6Straight railroad track (6)9.00
T-7RR track ends (3)4.00
T-9RR locomotive, bombed & wrecked9.00
T-10Small RR station14.50
T-12Military Post, Shelter, Flak Platform14.00
T-13RR Service Station14.00
T-14Locomotive and cars, wrecked in accordion fashion9.00

Rolling Plains Terrain 6mm should be posted 5 June 10