Check Your 6! Stuff – Includes Colorful Skies WW I books & Crusaders Over ‘Nam

‘Check Your 6!’ air combat rules from Skirmish Campaigns.

We stock the entire CY6! Series of books and stands.  We offer competitive individual rules and scenario prices and bundled deals as well.

DescriptionRetail PriceOur Price
"Check Your 6!" -- "Classic WW2" -- core rules, some scenarios, and Flying Tigers mini campaign30.0025.00
"Battle Over Britain" Scenario book25.0022.00
"Guadalcanal" Scenario / campaign book25.0022.00
"Falcon of the Duce" Scenario book following Italian ace Franco Lucchini in combat over North Africa, 1940-43 (There are a lot of good scenarios in this oddly titled book)25.0022.00
"Aces Over Hungary" combat between Hungarian/German forces vs. both US and USSR air forces 1944-4525.0022.00
Days of Glory -- Battles Over France, March-June 194025.0022.00
Road to Rabaul, battle and campaigns of 1943 / 194425.0022.00
Check Your 6! -- Jet Age -- Korean War through Gulf of Sidra; Core rules, scenarios, 2 mini campaigns35.0030.00
Cy6! -- Korean War. Good mix of scenarios featuring USAF & USN, a couple of RAF contributions vs. The Bad Guys25.0022.00
The Star and Pyramid. Battles of the 1967-73 Wars and Wars of Attrition. 25.0022.00
Crisis in Kashmir, Indo-Pakistani War of 1965. 25.0022.00
Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club. USN over Vietnam, 1965-68. Releases 15 Nov1925.0022.00
Colorful Skies WWI, vol 1 scenarios. 1916-191725.0025.00
Colorful Skies WWI, vol 2, 1918 scenarios25.0025.00
Crusaders Over 'Nam (CY6 Jet Age needed to play)18.0018.00
Battles Above 1, Battles Over Western Europe, 1940-45. 75 Scenarios35.0035.00
Battles Above 2. Battles for Malta, Crete, North Africa. 24 Scenarios25.0025.00
Flight stands, pack of 629.0027.00
Pack of 50 magnets (IN-201) - will be discontinued in favor of IN-202. Price cut to $9 from $10.10.0010.00
Pack of 50 magnets (IN-202). Size is 3/16" dia x 1/16 thick. 10.0010.00
Pack of 6 spherical magnets, 1/4" diameter.
Pack of 12 aircraft miniature mounted adaptors for use with 1/4" spherical magnet (IN-203)

WW2 “CY6!” Bundled Book Deals

ProductRetail PriceOur Price
Rules + any 3 scenario books.105.0084.00
Rules + any 4 scenario books.130.00104.00
Rules + any 5 scenario books.155.00124.00
Rules + any 6 scenario books.180.00144.00
Rules + any 7 scenario books.205.00164.00
Rules + all 8 scenario books.240.00184.00
Jet Age rules + any 1 scenario book60.0050.00
Jet Age rules + any 2 scenario book85.0070.00
Jet Age rules + any 3 scenario books110.0090.00
Jet Age rules + any 4 scenario books135.00110.00