22 March ’17

Decal reprints / upgrades

Decals – Reprints / back in stock
BR-101, LB-102 – revised and upgraded.
US-118 and US 119 have been revised, upgraded and reprinted as 1 sheet – US-118. US 119 has been discontinued.


Rules. CY6 Jet Age compatible – Crusaders Over ‘Nam. 11 scenarios in which F-8’s scored kills. Good scenarios, well documented, great cover art.  Retail is $18.


New releases in stock.

GBR 023. Bristol Blenheim IV   $5.00

RUS 011. Polikarpov I-153    $3.50.

New Stuff

WWI scenarios – official name is ‘Colorful Skies 1’ and ‘Colorful Skies 2’- for scenarios for 1916-1917 and Vol 2, 1918 – are on hand. Prices are $25 each. Brian DeWitt is the author. I-94 Enterprises (technically Beacon Publications) is the publisher.

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