New Decals & Reprints

ITA 005,  MC 202 Folgore is here .

MC 202 pictures are on the websites

New decals are here.

Upgrade / reprints – BR 105, British 15mm armor insignia and rankings.  BR 106 is an upgrade / reprint. Now includes the Australian aircraft codes and roundals printed together, and the squadron codes support the Check Your 6! book Road to Rabaul

BR 126 is new. It is for British 1/285 – 6mm armor and has national insignia and rankings  Long requested, it’s finally available,

AL104 is an improvement of AL 102, so much so we’re obsolescing it immediately. Al-104 is intended to remedy the opacity problem of AL 102. WWI insignia for US, Brits, French aircraft. As insignia are geometry and scale easily, these are suitable for 1/100-1/160 minis.

MI 116 covers 1/600-1./200 aircraft models (modern insignia are terribly small) for Pakistan, Iran and India. Addresses aircraft in the upcoming CY6 book, ‘Crisis in Kashmir’.

MI117 covers 1/600- 1/200 aircraft models for Jordan, Turkey and Libya. Forgive me, a typo is on the sheet description and should read ‘Turkey, Libya and Jordan’.

The Jordanian insignia are 2 piece affairs, with the wedge needng to be placed on the roundal / fin flash. Registration accuracy forced it into a 2 pc decal.

See the decal scans page and click on the item in question.