Historicon Update & New Releases

As a number of folks know, this is ‘The Side Job’ and from time to time, takes 2nd place to ‘Ye Olde Realle Jobbe’. Which explains lack of updates in May and June.

Historicon – next week, July 18-21 in Fredericksburg, VA. We are booth 203, so 2nd aisle, 2nd row. Corner booth.

New releases

We redid the masters and molds for most of the March releases in order to produce a more robust gaming miniature. These will be available at Historicon

New items. As of this writing, we expect the following new items to be ready at Historicon.

JAP 16 – Ki-61 Tony. $2.75

JAP 19 – G4M1 Betty    $6.00

JAP 20 – G4M2 Betty    $6.00

USA 28  – P-26 Peashooter. This will be a 1 pc casting, so integral landing gear.

USA 31  – CW-21A  $3.00……USA 32 – CW-21B   $3.00  Used by the Chinese Nationalists and Dutch respectively, these 2 items are really intended to flesh out some early war offerings.

GBR 13 – Gladiator – $3.50.  Long out of production, this model has been completely redone. Landing gear are integral to the model. This is a much better model than what was previously available.

RUS 8  –  I-15   $3.50. New item, and again, landing gear integral to model. Limited assembly required.

RUS 9 – I-152   $3.50. As RUS 8, new release w/ integral landing gear and limited assembly.

GBR 24 – Fairey Fulmar – $2.75

And in the works…

GBR 22 – 2 seat Hurricane. In and of itself, benign, but used by Soviet forces as an artillery observation and command aicraft.

USA 6 – Re releasing of the B-29. Look for this in September.

ITA 6. MC 205. Likely August.

B-25 Family. More later as we get closer to a release.

JAP 18, 21. Ki-21 Sallys. Likely October, possibly September.

Flight stand update. We’re back to the drawing board, the Mk I version needing some work.

Show preorders. We pack on Tuesday, leaving Wednesday. Last time to call in an order for us to bring to HIstoricon is Monday, July 15 at 8 eastern.

See you at Historicon.