Email problems – 14Aug13

Not sure what is the problem with our sales contact email, but until noted otherwise, please direct any questions to

We’ve had more than 1 customer comment / complaint regarding lack of email responses. I’ve checked various mailboxes to no avail. If anyone has had this problem, please contact us at Our apologies.

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  • Grant Dyck says:

    Hi Dave,

    Not all that long ago, I bought a set of GR-101 decals from you. The paper is yellowed, but I didn’t think much of it. Now that I am trying to use them (on a commission – they have to look great) the decals are old, and brittle. They disintegrate, melt, don’t move when applied.

    I’m not very happy, as I am able to use about 1 in 10 of the decals. They are utterly useless.

    I have a some other decals in my collection that look this old, and I am now wondering if I shouldn’t just throw them all away as unusable.

    Can you please replace them?

    I have

    1x GR-101 German Aircraft
    a set of Jordanian/Syrian miscellany


    • Dave Winfree says:

      Hi Grant

      Apologies regarding 3 year pokey response. Still learning ins / outs of website management.
      GR 101 is done – pulled for the reason you mentioned and will be reprinted, date within a couple of months.
      ME 100 has been reprinted – also there is a newer sheet addressing Jordanian markings.

      Let me know your address, I’ll be glad to send no cost replacements and refund your money for the GR 101’s.


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